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Arias Bookkeeping & Taxes is your local solution for help with payroll, tax services and bookkeeping in Mesquite, TX. We also have a notary public who can notarize all your legal documents.

To learn more about how Arias Bookkeeping & Taxes can help you get organized, call 972-803-1920 today. You can schedule an appointment or walk in anytime during our regular business hours.

3 ways to utilize a notary public

A notary public is the official witness you need for signing a multitude of legal documents. Here are three common documents we can notarize for you:

1. Deeds

2. Contracts

3. Powers of attorney

For each official document, we charge a $6 fee. Plus, we’ll take your information and document it for the state of Texas.

Trust Arias Bookkeeping & Taxes to notarize all your important documents. To schedule an appointment with our notary in Mesquite, TX, call Arias Bookkeeping & Taxes today.

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